New article in EJWS

Glad to share that me and my colleague René-León Rosale’s article “‘We just want to make art’ – Women with experiences of racial othering reflect on art, activism and representation” is now available and can be read online in the Journal of European Journal of Women’s Studies. The article is based on two separate research projects that deal with the subject of activism and art in the suburbs and after recognizing similarities in our respective projects me and René decided to write this text. In this article, we highlight a group of young women’s reflections on engaging in activism through art and dilemmas of representation. The text also touches on the importance of collective platforms for women’s work and well-being. The study is based on interviews with young women who were active in various forms of art and/or cultural platforms during the decade of 2010. These platforms have, in creative ways, raised issues such as structural racism and feminism.

The article can be found here.