New special issues out – Racism and Religion

I’m excited to announce that the special issue “Racism and Religion” is now out! This special issue consists of six research articles that, in different ways, deal with the intersection between racism and religion. It is published in the journal of Critical Research on Religion.

The special issue has undergone a very long process, which is unfortunately often the case with publications in scientific journals. The pandemic has been an additional factor in this. But now it’s finally out. Racism and Religion is based on an international conference with the same title that I, together with colleagues from Cemfor, conducted in the fall of 2019. Recent years have seen a rise in forms of racism such as islamophobia and antisemitism. We can also see how extreme nationalist governments and political parties around the world make use of religion as a way to legitimize racist politics. The aim of the conference was to bring together scholars from research fields such as racism studies and religious studies to discuss various forms of intersections between racism and religion both historically and in the present. For three days, about 100 scholars from all over the world gathered to present and discuss their research. The articles included in this special issue are based on a small selection of the presentations made during the conference.

You can read more about the conference in an introductory article written by me and my colleague Per-Erik Nilsson together with the six articles here.