New course in Globalization, race and privileges

The course Globalization, race and privileges has now begun. It is a master course of 7.5 credits that I together with Patricia Lorenzoni from Cemfor have been working on during the spring. The course is part of the Gender Studies – Master’s Program in the Humanities which is given at Uppsala University and deals with topics such as power, migration, gender and inequality from a global and transnational perspective. The focus is on both historical and contemporary processes. It has been fun developing theĀ  course and the literature included will focus on different perspectives and examples from Mexico, India, Sweden, Canada, United States, Spain and Iran. The course also features Marguerite Duras’ The Vice Consul depicting the Indian colonial elite and Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy which revolves around the story of a West Indian au pair in the United States. Globalization, race and privileges is held for the first time this spring and it will be super exciting to follow the students’ discussions and work.