Article on a study of ten families asylum investigations in the journal Article 14

In the spring of 2021, I was part of a research project on the Swedish asylum process where I, together with my colleagues Anna Lundberg and Anna Lindberg, analyzed the asylum protocols of ten asylum seeking families in Sweden. The focus of the study was the Migration Agencys interviews with parents and children from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as well as the Agency’s assessments of the families’ cases. In the journal Artikel 14, nr 2, 2021, as Swedish journal that focuses on Swedish migration policies, Anna Lindberg writes about the study and some of its findings. In the article, you can read about how time (as in chronology, delaying, speeding up) in different ways plays a central role in the Swedish Migration Agency’s investigative work, sometimes having a decisive impact on whether the families are allowed to stay in Sweden or not.